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The Authors

The late Amanuel Ghebreselassie was the General Manager of the Eritrean Railway, a post he held since the early days of the rehabilitation of the Railway in 1994. He was a fighter in the armed struggle for 16 years, firstly with the Eritrean Liberation Front, and then the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, where he worked in the Transport Department managing logistics.

Jennie Street is a writer and development worker who has had an interest in Eritrea since 1985, travelling in the liberated areas and then living and working in independent Eritrea from 1995-6. She has visited Eritrea on many other occasions and wrote the first article published internationally on the rehabilitation of the Eritrean Railway, in New African in May 1995.

Jennie is available to give talks about the history of Eritrea's railways. To find out more, email her at jennie@redsearailway.co.uk.